Asset for Income Loan in Florida

Are you having trouble getting a lender approval based on your monthly income? Talk to us.

Our Assets for Income Loan program allows you to use your liquid assets to add supplemental income to help you qualify. Especially, an asset for income loan in Florida can help you get lender approval with a low monthly income and get you up to 90% financing available with only 10% down.

Pledged Assets for Income

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  • Up to 90% financing available with this program or 10% Down.
  • Any person may pledge assets on behalf of a borrower in lieu of a down payment.*
  • In particular, this is available for primary, second homes, investment properties and in conjunction with cash-out refinance.
  • For one thing, the ability to defer capital gains tax by keeping the investment strategy in place and continually benefiting from interest, dividends and investment appreciation.
  • Pledge assets may be kept with brokerage firm of choice, as long as a certain pledge account requirements are met.
  • Eligible assets for instance include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs, money market, savings, and others (retirement accounts are not eligible).
  • For one thing, the assets do not need to be withdrawn or need to be put into liquidation to use the income.
  • This program is also available to self employed and wage earners.
  • Cash accounts calculated at 1:1.

Asset depletion program for Income

You may use your liquid assets to:

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  • Assist in meeting full doc DTI requirements.
  • Complex income scenarios: self-employed, retired, divorce situations, trust income, recipients, corporate buy-outs.
  • There is no age requirements.

Bank Statements for Income

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  • Use All Deposits to Qualify
  • Borrowers must be Self Employeed
  • Personal or Business Statement Accepted (24 months to qualify)