Commercial Finance in Florida

Commercial Finance is mortgage loans used to purchase, refinance, develop or redevelop commercial property. Commercial properties for example are hotels, shopping centers, office buildings, industrial warehouses. Additionally, there are larger more developable parcels of vacant land and multifamily apartment buildings. Most of the time commercial properties are considered income producing properties. Which are titled in an entity instead of an individual person. Loans on commercial properties are able to meet the needs of the borrower and lender regarding loan term and amortization. But, in general loan terms on commercial loans are shorter than residential loans.

When qualifying for a commercial mortgage loan, debt service coverage ratio, previous commercial real estate experience, credit-worthiness, collateral. In addition, Loan to value or Loan to Cost are the main components of this process.


Commercial business loans are different than commercial mortgage loans in that commercial business loans can be unsafe or safe against business equipment, receipts, or any other assets used to conduct a person’s business.


NSH has numerous sources for Commercial Mortgage loans and Commercial Business Loans.


Our Commercial Finance abilities include:

  • Small commercial stated income loans.
  • Large commercial lending.
  • SBA loans.
  • Commercial Construction loans.
  • Bridge Loans.
  • Energy Project Loans (waste to energy,  solar, wind).
  • International Loans.
  • Numerous specialty loans (call with your scenario).

We also offer many other types of mortgage services, which range from a standard mortgage loan to the attractive FHA loan with FHA Streamline Refinance capabilities.