There are a lot of reasons to like and support the FHA Loan. As a program with a long history, such as the FHA Mortgage Rates, it provides low down payment requirements, and a wide availability to homebuyers. You can receive information on your own FHA mortgage rates from NSH Mortgage with low financing on today’s current mortgage rates for your home loan.


Advantages Of FHA Mortgage Rates


With the FHA home loan often compared to the conventional home loan, FHA mortgage rates come in 0.25% lower than the next average mortgage rate available. Another attractive advantage to the FHA home loan is that this percentage can expand much further for homebuyers with lower credit scores.


If you are looking to get a new mortgage for your home, look into the FHA home loan, it can provide you with potentially the lowest mortgage rate, with the smallest down payment.


The FHA Mortgage Rates 3.5 Percent Down Payment


The FHA home loan is part of the Federal Housing Administration, which was born in 1934 as part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. It was originally promoted to help a low depression housing market.


The FHA Mortgage Rates allows a homeowner to only put 3.5% down on their home loan. Basically, they are able to only put $3,500 down for every $100,000 they borrow.


In today’s current mortgage market, there is no program that allows anywhere close to a similar small down payment as the FHA home loan allows. There are other programs that allow no-money down payments such as the VA home loan, or the 100% financed USDA home loan. These programs though carry a secondary eligibility, which restricts standard citizens from applying for them.


The VA home loan requires active or past military members to apply for the current loans.


FHA Mortgage Rates Provides Over 34 Million Homeowners With Home Loans


The FHA home loan insures mortgage holders against loss, which allows them to put out more mortgages than conventional loan types. The current mortgage rates do not entirely represent FHA mortgage rates, but instead are brought upon through a formula presented by mortgage-backed securities.


An advantage to the FHA home loan is that it is assumable by future buyers. This means, that the current mortgage rate of 3.5% is sold with the mortgage to the new homebuyer. Allowing the new homebuyer to keep the same rate, which may be potentially less than current market rates with these predictions.


FHA home loans offered flexible credit solutions, available for first time homebuyers, past-foreclosure victims, and current homeowners. You should reach out to NSH Mortgage to find out if the FHA mortgage rates or another type of loan is the best to fit your personal home loan needs.



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