Current mortgage rates continue to sit at a very low rate. Based on surveys provided by over 100 mortgage lenders in Florida and across the country, United States mortgage rates just made another big leap to go to the lowest they have in over 54 weeks. If you missed your first opportunity at a Florida refinance last year, then you will definitely want to take advantage of today’s current mortgage rates. It is time to contact NSH Mortgage, your mortgage lender in Florida. A Florida refinance, through NSH Mortgage, can get you a low payment saving you over 30% on your current home loan through your mortgage lender in Florida.


Big Savings On A Florida Refinance With NSH Mortgage


To make math a little easier, for every $1000 you pay your mortgage lender today, you can reduce your monthly payment by $300 each time. That is an easy $36,000 saved over the next 10 years by doing a Florida refinance today.


There are also an estimated 6.5 million homeowners eligible for refinances that are currently unaware of their eligibility. There is a good chance if you are reading this article, you may be one of them. If you have no recently looked into today’s current mortgage rates, you may want to take a look with NSH Mortgage.


Do Not Hold Your Home Loan For Too Long, Refinance Today In Florida


For some unknown reason, homeowners decide to wait to refinance. They are under the impression that they need to pay their mortgage for a while before refinancing. That is not always the best way to save money. It is due to today’s current mortgage rates. The average wait-time for applying for a refinance is 7 years. That means that mortgages from 2008 are currently being refinanced. Mortgage rates back then were at 6.25, and now currently sit at 3.81 percent.


You would think that all homeowners would be rushing to refinance their home in Florida due to the extremely low mortgage rates. Once again, people are deciding to wait. The average person is letting these low rates pass them by. Do not be average.


The Government HARP Is Down, Florida Refinance Beginning To Climb In 2016


The government is currently still in shock that their Home Affordable Refinance Program is not currently booming. The HARP is now in its last year as a program and is still under-rated. It is at an all time low in volume.


To help spur HARP during its last year, the program’s agency has been setting up events at different town halls around the country that has underwater homeowners nationwide. They agency even goes to the extent of listing the number of eligible homes by county.


Should You Do A Florida Refinance?


Most of the time when mortgage rates begin to drop low, current homeowners wonder if they should refinance or not. Low mortgage rates are enticing to homeowners, but they constantly decided to battle with the question of “is a refinance even worth it?”


You will want to use a no-closing cost mortgage. They are available across all readily available types of mortgages. They include the FHA Loan, the VA Loan, and conforming mortgages.


Today’s mortgage rates continue to be lower than we have seen in months. There is currently Florida refinance opportunities everywhere through mortgage lenders in Florida. You should ignore “saving one percent” and the “break-even” method, and instead look at your potential savings.


If you are interested in refinancing your house in Florida, it is a good idea to speak with a licensed Florida mortgage broker.


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