Home Loan in Florida

Deciding on a home loan in Florida is a more challenging and tedious decision than one may think. In fact, there are many different types of home loans and mortgages available to consumers. These types of mortgages can range from putting 0%, 3.5%, and all the way to 20% down. Choosing the correct home loan may take longer and be harder than you think. For your next home loan in Florida, allow our NSH Mortgage broker to guide you in the correct steps in choosing the best suited loan, that will meet all your mortgage needs.

Choose A Home Loan That Works For You

NSH Mortgage broker has worked with hundreds of clients to obtain approval on mortgages that meet their buying needs. There is a variety of factors that go into choosing your mortgage. These factors consist of:

– Income

– Expenses

– Credit History

– Current Job

NSH Mortgage will review these four items when selecting your mortgage type. Plus we will explain the reasons why one loan may suit you better than another. There is no sense of looking at a home before knowing what you can get approved for, and comfortably spend per month on that home. Additionally, to gauge how much a home will cost you per month, you can use our loan calculator.

If your income is too low, or your spending is too high, a higher mortgage payment may not work for you. If you show good income, with a lower credit score, NSH Mortgage can still help you get approved. We are able to work around different factors, and find a home loan that will fit into your current life.

After seeing how much your home may cost you in principle, interest, taxes, and possibly insurance premiums, you may have a better idea of what you can spend per month. NSH Mortgage will also review the previous criteria to then select a home loan in Florida that works for you.

Home Loans Available To Florida Home Buyers

As a current or future home-owner in Florida, you have a variety of options to choose from, when making a move on your next mortgage. NSH Mortgage currently has a stable of four main home loans. Here are the available home loans available to choose from:

Purchase Loan

FHA Loan

VA Loan


These four represent the main percentage that NSH Mortgage and our clients review and get approved for. As stated before, these four will work with a variety of down payments, loan-length terms, and credit history.

If one of these four mortgage types do not work for you, NSH Mortgage has a specialty of home loans available to our clients. These come in handy when credit scores are far below average, or when your money is currently tied up. Including, if credit scores are still needing to be raised back up again. These home loans are listed below:

Stated Income Loan

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Fixed Rate Mortgage

Jumbo Mortgage Loans

Foreign National Loan

First Mortgage Loan

NSH Mortgage always has a loan type and process that can work to get you approved. You can contact us by either filling out our easy to use Custom Quote Form, or calling us directly at 800-360-3813.

Importance Of Working With An Experienced Mortgage Broker To Obtain The Best Home Loan In Florida

We have all seen up’s and down’s in the money, job, and real estate markets, and we have always executed in putting our clients first.

Getting a home loan in Florida, can prove to be difficult, and is the main reason why you should only work with our NSH Mortgage broker in helping you achieve the best outcome to your needs. As an experienced mortgage specialists, we know the laws regarding in obtaining a home loan in Florida, and exactly what you will need to secure the correct mortgage.

Working with NSH Mortgage will ensure that you are taken care of through the entire process of getting a mortgage loan. The process of getting a home loan can be difficult for almost anyone, especially if you are attempting to do it alone. As a mortgage professional, we will make things clearer and easier for you.

NSH Mortgage will increase your chances of getting a home loan in Florida. By allowing our staff to help you, so you can completely avoid doing all these daunting process alone.