Mortgage rates are a common term in the lending and real estate industry. A mortgage rate is the percentage of interest that is added to your amount requested for your next mortgage loan in Florida. Mortgage rates are based on the price of mortgage-backed securities, which are also known as MBS. These securities are bonds, which are backed by the U.S. mortgages. Mortgage rates in Florida can vary between FHA, VA, USDA, conventional, & other types of a loans, NSH Mortgage can help find the best mortgage loan for you.


Why Is Everyone Concerned With Mortgage Rates In Florida For Their Loan?


A large amount of consumers in the United States research mortgage rates every single day, and pay close attention to movements. If you are not one of these people, and are looking for today’s current mortgage rates, give NSH Mortgage a call at 1-800-360-3813. We can help find the rates and determine the right type of Florida mortgage loan for you.


Every consumer’s main concern is to obtain the lowest mortgage rate, and that is where a Florida mortgage lender comes in handy. We will research and guide you to find the correct mortgage loan for your needs. We also will work on your behalf to get and show you the best mortgage rates in Florida available.


What Exactly Is A Mortgage Rate?


Mortgage rates are made up of bonds traded in the securities market, in addition to corporate bonds. The only difference in these bonds is that they are backed by U.S. mortgages, rather than banks or corporations. These mortgage-backed securities prices change constantly. They change every single day, hundreds of times per day.


To make things simple, every time a MBS bond changes in price, today’s mortgage rates in Florida change as well. This happens for conventional mortgages, most noteworthy of being backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It is also true for FHA loans, consequently backed by the Federal Housing Administration. VA Loans and USDA loans are no exception either, as Ginnie Mae mortgage bonds back them.


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What Factors Do Not Affect Mortgage Rates In Florida?


U.S. Mortgage interest rates are only affected by one factor, and that factor is loan-level pricing adjustments. These rates are not affected by anything else, while yet some claim they are. A 10-year Treasury Note does not affect or control what happens to mortgage rates in Florida. Lenders and other people tend to claim that mortgage rates move in the path of these treasury notes, but this is not the case. U.S. Treasury notes are a debt-issuance from the U.S. treasury, and over time, mortgage-backed bonds may trend with these notes. Yet on any given day, these two elements can go separate ways.


The Federal Reserve is also said to control mortgage rates, and we can confirm they do not have the control to do this. A common term called the Fed Funds Rate is the rate at which banks may borrow from each other. This is not directly correlated with today’s mortgage rates, as they do not have a linear pattern with one another.


There are a lot of elements that are speculated to control mortgage rates in Florida, and none of these directly affect or control these rates. Though, they may have a small impact in what people are thinking, and how mortgage-backed securities go up and down.


NSH Mortgage Can Answer Any Mortgage Rates In Florida Questions


NSH Mortgage is the leading Florida mortgage lender, with decades of experience, we can answer any, and all questions related to mortgage loans. We have the knowledge to tell you how these rates work, and how your mortgage loan can be affected.