A VA Loan is a mortgage program that allows returning veterans a chance at getting a 0% down home loan backed by the Department of Veteran Affairs. It was started in 1944, as a part of the G.I. Bill, and has now provided loan guarantees to veterans for more than 70 years. NSH Mortgage provides the VA Loan Guide for veterans in Florida, explaining how to obtain a VA Loan at low current mortgage rates from a mortgage lender.


VA Loan Eligibility


Most of the time, but not all of the time, veterans must complete a minimum amount of time served to be eligible for a VA loan. If you have served any time as an active duty U.S. military member, NSH Mortgage can help you obtain a VA loan, or see what else is needed for you to be eligible.


Another opportunity to be eligible is if you had been discharged due to government convenience, a reduction in active military, hardship, or disability regarding to a military service. The VA Loan Guide for veterans in Florida explains basic eligibility requirements, but for a more in depth discussion, contact NSH Mortgage to discuss VA loans, or watch the video below:



VA Loan Eligibility For Non-Veterans


The VA home loan is also available to non-veterans, including family members, active military borrowers, and others associated with a military member.


It is possible for military spouses to receive a VA loan. If the active military member, or veteran is alive, their spouse may be eligible for the home loan. Other variables making a spouse eligible are the service person is missing in action or a prisoner of war for at least 90 days. A spouse can also receive a VA loan if the service person died in active duty, was a disabled veteran, or was a veteran who died of a service-connected disability result.


Active Service Persons


Not only does the VA Loan guide for veterans in Florida state past-active and non-military eligibility, but it also explains how currently active service persons can be eligible for a VA Loan.


Active duty service persons can be eligible after 90 days of continuous active service for a VA loan. All Army, Navy, Air Force, and marines are eligible for the home loan.


Current Mortgage Rates In The VA Loan Guide For Veterans In Florida


Currently, the VA home loan is available in all 50 states, with mortgage rates remaining very low right now. If you are eligible for the VA loan, do not let this opportunity pass, but instead, reach out to NSH Mortgage today. NSH Mortgage will make sure you are eligible, or find out how to get you eligible, and lock you in a low rate for your very own VA home loan.


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The VA Loan Guide For Veterans In Florida

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