NSH Mortgage Services

NSH Mortgage Offers The Following Mortgage Services:

Home Loan

Unsure of the mortgage that will work best for you? Having a tough time understanding all of the options? Learn more about the current home loan options in Florida today.  


Have you checked today's interest rates? Are you eligible for a refinance in Florida? Our team will review and execute your refinance at the correct time, which can in turn save you thousands.

FHA Loan

Looking for a low down payment home loan? An FHA Loan in Florida,  allows home buyers a loan option with a down payment as low as 3.5%, government-backed, and easy to refinance.

VA Loan

Are you a veteran, member of the military, or a surviving spouse of a veteran? A VA Loan provides you with a mortgage option that has no down payment, no PMI, and an immense amount of refinance flexibility.

Stated Income Loan

Self-employed? Trouble Documenting your income? A Stated Income Loan in Florida allows the borrower to simply state their income, rather than providing pay stubs, W-2 forms, income tax returns, and other records.

First-Time Home Buyers Guide

Thinking of purchasing your first home? Our First-Time Home Buyers Guide is the best place to start for a new home buyer in Florida especially when looking to fully understand the processes related to buying a home. 


NSH Mortgage offers the following mortgage services: Home Loans, Low Mortgage Interest Rates, FHA Loan, VA Loan, and a FREE Mortgage Calculator.

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