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"Mr. Hays helped in ways that I cannot explain or fully appreciate. He was kind and professional; he is patient..."
- Louis Baptiste, Tallahassee, FL

“What took one lender 6 months to achieve, Steve had redone, in order and closed in just a matter of a few weeks!”
- John S., Seminole, FL

Trinity’s Preferred Local Mortgage Lender

Local. Personable. Get’s You Approved.

Steve Hay’s has served as Trinity’s preferred local Mortgage Lender for over 25 years. He has helped thousands of Trinity home buyers get approved quickly, easily, and at the lowest rates. While proving to be an authority in the mortgage lending industry in Florida!

From Fox Wood, to Trinity Oaks, all the way to Heritage Springs, Steve has proved to be a trusted and helpful resource for home-buyers needing quick approvals. His extensive experience in Trinity Mortgage Lending gives him the ability to answer any and all questions right away. Making the approval process as simple and stress-free as possible. His top tier customer service goes unparalleled, as he ensures all Trinity clients are taken care of from beginning to end!

NSH Mortgage is the leading home loan Trinity Mortgage Lender in Florida! Steve Hays and his team have over 25 years of experience. Also, has obtained home loans and approvals for thousands of clients. NSH Mortgage focuses on each individual client, to make sure that they get approved fast. With the lowest mortgage rate, and for the best home loan that fits their needs in Trinity!

Home Loans in Trinity can seem confusing at times, and with rates fluctuating by the minute, the best thing to do is speak to a mortgage professional. NSH Mortgage will guide you through the process, answer all of your home loan related questions, and assure of a 5-star customer experience!

You can see what some of our clients have said about NSH Mortgage Home Loans in Trinity!

Trinity Mortgage Lender | NSH Mortgage Company Florida

Different Types of Home Loans in Trinity

Purchase Loan

A Purchase Loan is one of the most common home loans in Trinity. Purchase loans also known as conventional mortgages, home loans, etc. Mortgage rates for purchase loans are heavily based off of income, expenses, credit history, and current employment. For Purchase Loans, a 20% down payment is advisable whereas, with the lower down payments being accepted for good credit home buyers, with private mortgage insurance (PMI) required.

FHA Loan

In fact, an FHA Loan is an excellent home loan option for buyers in Trinity looking to put down a much smaller down payment. Additionally, buyers can be approved for an FHA loan with as little as 3.5% down on their home purchase. The FHA Loan is available through the Federal Housing Administration, and supplied through a broker such as NSH Mortgage. We work hard to provide our clients with home loans that have less stringent requirements.

VA Loan

Veteran Affairs Loans, also known as VA Loans, is a great home loan option in Trinity, but is restricted to specific home buyers. To be approved for a VA Loan in Trinity, you either have to be a veteran, or a surviving spouse of a veteran. For instance, VA Loans are a very fast approval home loan, and can allow financing up to 100%. In other words, that allows home buyers approved for VA Loans to put 0% down, and PMI is not required.

Other Types of Home Loans in Trinity

For instance, if one of these mortgage options does not work for you NSH Mortgage has other types of home loans in Trinity available to our clients. These additional options are extremely helpful when credit scores are far below average, or when a larger down payment is not possible.

Stated Income LoanFixed Rate MortgageForeign National Loan
Adjustable Rate MortgageJumbo Mortgage LoansFirst Mortgage Loan

NSH Mortgage always has a loan type and process that can work to get you approved. You can contact us by either filling out our easy to use Custom Quote Form, or calling us directly at 800-360-3813.

Importance Of Working With An Experienced Trinity Mortgage Lender To Obtain The Best Home Loan In Florida

Obtaining a home loan in Trinity, can prove to be very difficult. Furthermore, it is the main reason why you should work with an experienced Florida mortgage broker, such as NSH Mortgage. As an experienced mortgage specialist, NSH Mortgage knows the laws regarding home loans in Trinity. Also the exact requirements needed to secure the correct mortgage. As a result, you should get approved today for a home loan in Trinity today!