Steven Hays

Mortgage Loan Originator | NMLS: 3574
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Ocala / Tampa / St Petersburg
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Steve Hays has helped thousands of people get quickly and easily approved for mortgages for over 30 years! He is eager to help you get approved for the lowest rate possible, no matter your situation. He collaborates closely with his clients to ensure a stress-free, comfortable experience that leaves everyone happy! He specializes in self-employed borrowers, offering bank statement loans that substitute tax returns for bank statements deposits as income. Also, he offers no income or employment investor loans that qualify based on the cashflow from the rental income. He has extensive experience in helping clients with low credit scores get approved quickly and for the best rate. From helping those with low credit scores, to getting clients pre-approved for jumbo loans, Steve ensures every client is treated with the attention and professionalism they deserve. Not only is Steve extremely knowledgeable, but he is also dependable, personable and has his clients' best interests at heart.

Steven Hays picture
Steven Hays picture

Steven Hays

Mortgage Loan Originator

NSH Mortgage | NMLS: 3574

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